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7. Silver Gelatin P.O.P. Collaborative Research Project — Reading #2

Brief note on recipe #1: I made a second batch exactly to spec and it was excellent. I coated on a smaller selection of papers and I've settled on Arches 90 lb, HP watercolor paper as my primary testing paper. I ordered 25 sheets from a same lot ( This will improve the standardized testing between recipes. The paper should arrive tomorrow. I'll get a batch coated up, do a run of testing, and report back as soon as I can (it's hard to be in the darkroom or sitting at a computer in June, even the June of a dystopian tragedy).

In the meantime, the next recipe on my testing docket is from T. Thorne Baker's classic, Photographic Emulsion Technique, 1941, pp 196-197. This recipe has ammonium chloride, sodium potassium tartrate and citric acid.
I hope someone beats me to it!
Denise Ross, June 3, 2020


The entire text of Baker's book is here.


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