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The book is out!
December 10, 2018


YAY! The book is out! Unfortunately, it looks like it won't ship until after Christmas, but I did have to grab a quick screen shot of the page while it said "#1 New Release." Even if that's an Amazon promotional thing, it still feels good!
My best to everyone and wishes for a safe, peaceful, and joyful Solstice and all the other holidays we celebrate at this time of year.

Home again, home again, hippity-hop!
October 29, 2018


Hi Everyone!
I've finally had time to remodel The Light Farm. Anyone familiar with this site knows that it's been pretty quiet for the last several months. I've been deep into writing a book and (never a multi-tasker, I) the website paid the price. But, the book is done and heading to the printer. It's available now to preorder. It will start shipping toward the end of December. The links to Amazon and Routledge are on the home page.

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