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March 30, 2014
Updated information here.

It’s finally time to remodel this site. Since its launch almost six years ago, the information has been steadily growing. Eight years ago I wouldn’t have guessed, even in my most optimistic moments, that the potential of handmade emulsions was so great. Panchromatic film, as taught in the most recent TLF tutorial, is a rival for any fine grain, slow speed commercial panchromatic film. The knowledge base is approaching maturity — awaiting adoption. If you are reading this, I think I can assume you are interested in some aspect of emulsion making. I am going to try to re-edit The Light Farm into a document you can easily use.

If you are primarily a science geek type, there is still a world of recipes and refinements to work and play with, and to claim fame for if that is your goal. You can build equipment to rival Doc Brown’s ice cube maker.

If you are an entrepreneur, you can start a business making and selling any aspect of this medium. There will always be photographers who want to work with materials they don’t have to make themselves.

If you are an artist, you have a new medium almost to yourself to make your own. And, if you are also chemistry-phobic, rest easy. A basic emulsion is among the easiest of alternative processes to prepare and work with. Being able to read and follow a recipe is the only technical skill required. Emulsion making is as much about hands and heart as any other art form.

In addition, there will be more basic chemical photography how-to information. More and more photographers are coming straight from digital photography without the benefit of a film and darkroom background.

The bare minimum in photo-work space is required, and the expenses can be minimal.

I suspect the remodel will take all winter. The site will be constantly changing as the final form takes shape. It is my hope to make The Light Farm accessible by different avenues. Each individual should be able to find the information they need by a path that suits them best. I will try to announce major changes and updates in the “What’s New” section, but smaller changes will be going on unannounced nearly daily, so please bear with.

Feedback welcomed. Denise Ross,

I invite you to read The Light Farm mission statement.

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