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0. Handmade Silver Gelatin Emulsions—Preface


The Light Farm is entering its eleventh year. I started even before then with a blog, Adventures in Emulsion Making—a Diary. The medium of handmade silver gelatin emulsions was in its infancy. There was nowhere but up. It was incredibly exciting. It still is.

Over the years, the research and work of a handful of us has expanded the available knowledge beyond what I imagined possible thirteen years ago. The inevitable result is that a faithful record of all that work and progress has a LOT of information—some of it not the latest and greatest state of the art. Nevertheless, the information is still on The Light Farm website. TLF was always intended to be a faithful record of fits and starts, successes and failures. The "two steps forward, one backward" process of experimentation and growth has always been a part of both science and art. It's important to remember that whenever we experience what feels like one challenge too many.

The following pages are a review of the possibilities of handmade silver gelatin emulsions. Page 5, "Film," is the only page with detailed information. Emulsion recipes, techniques, and other basics of the craft are laid out in my book, The Light Farm, available to buy or read for free in Blurb preview. The link is on the home page. "TLF Web Tutorials," on the home page, also lays out the basics.

A much more detailed book, The Handmade Silver Gelatin Emulsion Print, Creating Your Own Liquid Emulsion for Black & White Paper, is exclusively about making silver gelatin paper, including paper negatives. It is available to pre-order from Routledge/Focal Press, and Amazon. Although the Blurb book information is available for no cost, the information in the Focal book cannot be. I believe the book is worth the purchase price. Focal has done an incredible job of putting it together.

Still coming, hopefully soon, is additional research and information about panchromatic emulsions. I need to remodel the "Silvergum Printing" section. Also, I've always wanted to try my hand at "moving pictures." That endeavor may or may not be a success, but I plan on having a lot of fun trying. I will blog the progress :-).

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