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KCl Gaslight Paper — Between Tutorials Addendum #2

February 17, 2013

I have been thoroughly enjoying my correspondence with Henk Mantel. He is creative and tenacious, with a great sense of fun. All those traits have served him well as he has worked at fitting his emulsion making into his situation — especially the tools and materials available to him in Germany.

Henk has written two new articles, Pushing the Puddle, and I Love It When It All Comes Together. I won't pull out his observations and advice here. Henk says it better than I could.

FEBRUARY 18: I've posted "The Velox Book", a 1916 Kodak publication that went along with their Velox gaslight paper. The Velox recipe was very similar to Baker's KCl, and the information and instruction is as valuable for us today as it was for a photographer in 1916. Read it here. The booklet is a downloadable pdf.

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