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Share. Contribute the results of your vision.

Our contributing editors are all working with handcrafted silver gelatin emulsions — from the first initial explorations to advanced experimentation. 

The facets to examine are almost infinite.

To Become a Contributing Editor or to Submit Artwork to the Gallery

To become a contributing editor please send a write-up of your emulsion explorations to 'editor @ thelightfarm . com'.   This can be as long or as short as you wish, appropriate to your work.  Describe in detail what you are doing.  Illustrations are always welcome.  Send high quality jpegs, one at a time, as attachments to separate emails.  

It couldn't be more straightforward.  Make an emulsion (or invent a tool) and share the results the bad news as well as the good.  'Failures' are every bit as educational as successes if one thing holds true: data must be reliable and comprehensive.

Please be clear and complete.  No missing secret ingredients or steps!  The editors reserve the right to correct grammar and spelling, but every effort will be made to present your work in the way you want.

We will be able to resurrect the art, science, and craft of silver gelatin emulsions if we experiment freely and share openly.

From Photographic Emulsions, by E. J. Wall, 1929:

"This trade or professional etiquette, which prevents the manufacturer from giving information as to his emulsions, is a serious stumbling block in the advance of our knowledge of the real whys and wherefores of emulsion making.  In the early days, and it must not be overlooked that the gelatino-bromide emulsion was discovered by an amateur, the technical journals were filled with accounts of experiments in emulsion making; but since the commercial manufacture of plates an impenetrable wall of silence has shut down, that one might as well try to pierce as get through a modern safe with a knitting needle. This is, of course, explicable and understandable to some extent in view of commercial rivalry, but there can be no doubt that much valuable information might be given without violating professional secrecy."

It is my hope is that we will all work together to rebuild a craft that should never have been allowed to die the death of a thousand patents.

The Gallery

If writing an article is not your style, we invite you to submit any handcrafted silver gelatin artwork to the Gallery.  Please send a large, high quality jpeg and a complete description of how you made the art.  See examples here.

Denise Ross


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