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Defender 55Dwr Paper Developer

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Defender 55Dwr Paper Developer

Modified from the classic Defender 55D

Mix together in the following order:

Distilled water (125F/52C) 500 ml
Metol 2.5 g
Sodium sulfite 37.5 g
Hydroquinone 10.0 g
Sodium carbonate, mono 45.0 g
Potassium bromide 14.0 g
Glycin 6.0 g
Water to make 1 liter

Working solution. 1:1 or 1:2 parts stock to water plus 25 ml 2% benzotriazole per liter working solution.  One and a half to two minutes at 68-70F. I generally use up to one-half of the previous working solution (filtered) as part of the stock measurement.

Note: With any developer on handcoated emulsion, don't go off safelight until the paper has been fully fixed.  I wait until I'm half way through a 5 min plain hypo fix.  (I use the two fix bath method.  I'll follow with a second fresh fix bath after I've accumulated enough prints to making toning time efficient.)

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